Coming Lecture and Videos of Previous Lectures

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Please Watch this Space for a lecture in late summer 2023



Faculty Emeriti Association Lecture -- a Zoom Webinar

A lecture is expected to be announced in late summer 2023.

Lectures will be held via Zoom webinars
and will be announced using email broadcasts.
 Faculty Emeriti Association Lectures are co-sponsored by the University Office on Outreach and Engagement and are open to all those interested.


Videos of Past Lectures

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April 26 2023 David Firestein  “‘Nothing to See Here, Folks’:  The U.S.-China Relationship in 2023.”

March 21 2023 William Chopik  A Tail of Influence: How Humans and Pets Shape Each Other's Happiness

October 27 2022 David Firestein  Taiwan and the U.S.-China Relationship:  Hard Realities and Inconvenient Truths

April 28 2022 William Chopik, Department of Psychology How an Optimistic Outlook Can Lead to a Happier and Healthier Life

January 27 2022 David Firestein Update on US-China Relations January 27, 2022

Firestein 2022 Postscript Question and Answer Session January 27, 2022 part 2

Roger Baldwin, Professor Emeritus, Department of Educational Administration: “Navigating a New Frontier:  Renewing the Meaning of Academic Retirement”  November 17, 2021

Professor Thomas Holt, Director of the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University, on Computer Hacking and Malware September 24, 2021

MSU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD Michigan State University's Covid Experience April 29, 2021

David Firestein on U.S.-China Relations, 2021: Issues, Challenges and Prospects January 27, 2021

College of Veterinary Medicine Townhall with A. Oveta Fuller January 19, 2021 An event hosted by the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine and joined by the FEA.  This presentation gave an overview of topics related to vaccines.