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FEA Oral History Project

The Oral History project is designed to tape record anecdotal interviews of retired MSU faculty who share their perceptions, reflections and personal stories about the campus milieu during their Michigan State University tenure. The interviews cover, among other things, how their disciplines, instructional strategies, students and use of technologies (in the broadest sense) changed – or did not change over time. Also of interest is their identification of greatest satisfactions, disappointments, note-worthy students, availability of resources and the influence of politics – on and off campus.

The Oral History Project is housed at the MSU Libraries’ Voice Library (Main Library, 4th floor) or you can listen to the stories online. The directions for online access are:

The directions for online access are:

  1. Go to
  2. On the Basic Search tab that comes up, change "entire library" or "entire catalog" to "Voice Library" on the pull down list
  3. Use "emeriti oral history" as your keywords (or you can also search by the name of the interviewee)