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Welcome to the MIchigan State University Faculty Emeriti Association

The mission of the MSU Faculty Emeriti Association is to promote, facilitate and sponsor activities that enable faculty emeriti to be actively engaged with the University and the community and to share their lifetime of experience and expertise.


The Steering Committee of the MSU Faculty Emeriti Association for 2017-2018 consists of   Jenny Bond, Robert Banks,  John Forsyth, Bernie Gallin, Charles Gliozzo, Brad Greenberg, Steve Harsh, Michael Koppisch, Jim Potchen, John Powell, Al Sparrow, Gordon Spink, and Gary Stone.   Cindy Leverich of Academic Advancement Network, Leadership Development facilitates the work of the committee.

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Next FEA Event
June 26, 2018
MSU President
John Engler

Room 105 Kellogg Center
1:00-2:00 pm
Next Steering Committee Meeting
September, 2018
 Room ToBe Announced
2018-2019 Meeting Dates of the Steering Committee

Calendar yet to be set

Time and locations to be determined